The Digital Sculpture Project: Caligula

Troubleshooting problems with running 3D models

Three 3D viewers are provided for interactive use of our 3D models: P3D, Sketchfab, and VWHL 3D. If, when clicking on one of these, you do not see a black area on your screen with a model of a statue inside, then your graphics card, web browser and/or operating system may be incompatible with the selected viewer. If this happens, try another viewer.

Supported operating systems include: Vista, Windows 7 or Mac O/S 10.6.8, or later. Supported browsers include the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Users of Internet Explorer should use Sketchfab ( not P3D or VWHL 3D). Most modern graphics cards are supported, but there are some exceptions. For more detailed troubleshooting information, see:

If all else fails, no matter what operating system and browser you use, our 3D models can be viewed in the movies and still images that are posted on the various tabs.

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