The Digital Sculpture Project: Caligula

Catalogue Entry: Caligula

Name: Caligula

Collection: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Inventory Number: The Arthur D. and Margaret Glasgow Fund, 71-20

Date Created: 30-41 CE

Date Acquired: 1971 CE

Sculptor: Unknown

Material: The head and torso are of the same, unidentified, white marble

Dimensions: Height: 203.2 cm Width: 67.3 cm Depth: 49.5 cm

Description: Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus, born in A.D. 12, reigned as emperor from A.D. 37 until his murder in A.D. 41. He received the nickname Caligula ("little boots") because of the small soldier's boots he wore as a child when visiting Roman military camps. This is the better of two surviving full-length togatus figures of Caligula. The other is now in Gortyn, Crete.

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