Stela of Irethoreru

  • Object Name: Stela of Irethoreru
  • Location: Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • Inventory Number: 07.422
  • Date: ca. 775-653 B.C.E.
  • Materials: Syenite
  • Format: Stela
  • Website:
  • Photogrammetry By: Ryan Lipp
  • Image Processor: Justine Galambus
  • Re-Processor/PBR Editor: Mohamed Abdelaziz
  • 3D Model Info: 35k poly, clean up and UVs in Zbrush, Texture baking Normal, AO, Cavity, Roughness and specular maps in Xnormal, Albedo map delighted in Agisoft delighter, Final edit in 3dsmax.

This model should be used for non-commercial, study purposes only.