Digital Sculpture Project: Epicurus

Catalogue Entry: Statue of Epicurus (Torso)

Name: Statue of Epicurus

Provenience: Headless statuette in the Museo Archeologico, Florence, inv. 70990.

Provenance: From a Roman villa in Tuscany (where a statuette of Epicurus' successor Hermarchus, below, was also found).

Material: White marble

Dimensions: Height 90 cm

State: not restored. The most significant damage includes losses of the left hand, right arm, the left leg below the knee, both feet; both volutes of the back of the throne are damaged; the right lion-head protome is missing as are the claws of the feet of the protomes.


  • G.M.A. Richter, Portraits of the Greeks, volume 2 (Phaidon: London, 1965) 198 with figures 1214–15.

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