The Digital Sculpture Project: Caligula

Metadata: Toga Picta

TitleDigital Restoration Model of the Portrait of Caligula in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts known as "Caligula with Toga Picta."
CreatorMatthew Brennan.
SubjectPortraits; Statues.
FormatAuthored in ZTL; published in PLY.
DateFebruary 2, 2012.
SourceDerived from 3D state model of the original statue (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, inventory The Arthur D. and Margaret Glasgow Fund, 71-20).
Description/ParadataThe state model was used to create a digital restoration of the statue. Scratches and dents to the surface were repaired; missing parts (e.g., arms and hands) were restored, as was the polychromy.
CoverageProvenance: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia, USA 23220. Provenience: Bovillae, Italy.
ContributorMark Abbe.
Type3D Model.
SponsorNational Endowment for the Humanities, grant RZ-51221.
InvestigatorsBernard Frischer; Peter Schertz.
PublisherVirtual World Heritage Laboratory.
RightsCopyright 2011 by The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. All rights reserved. Bernard Frischer has non-exclusive, perpetual noncommercial rights.

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