The Digital Sculpture Project: Caligula

Metadata: Toga Praetexta

TitleDigital Restoration Model of the Portrait of Caligula in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts known as "Caligula with Toga Praetexta."
CreatorPeter Kennedy, Greg Chaprnka, Jason Page, and Eric Hall of Direct Dimensions.
SubjectPortraits; Statues.
FormatAuthored in ZTL; published in PLY.
DateApril 20, 2011.
SourceDerived from 3D state model of the original statue (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, inventory The Arthur D. and Margaret Glasgow Fund, 71-20).
Description/ParadataThe state model was used to create a digital restoration of the statue. Scratches and dents to the surface were repaired; missing parts (e.g., arms and hands) were restored, as was the polychromy.
CoverageProvenance: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia, USA 23220. Provenience: Bovillae, Italy.
ContributorMark Abbe; Matthew Brennan.
Type3D Model.
SponsorNational Endowment for the Humanities, grant RZ-51221.
InvestigatorsBernard Frischer; Peter Schertz.
PublisherVirtual World Heritage Laboratory.
RightsCopyright 2011 by The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. All rights reserved. Bernard Frischer has non-exclusive, perpetual noncommercial rights.

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